Educational Technology Goals

I have a very unique relationship with technology. Where I mainly teach around a variety of technology courses; it's really hard to know when I can use technology to teach technology. With that being said, here are my educational technology goals:

  1. To have a understanding of when to use technology to teach technology and when to walk away from technology all together

    I don't know if these questions will ever be answered. When you are mainly teaching technology courses it's really hard to know when enough is enough. However, while working on these projects I was trying to force the idea of using more technology to teach a given subject and at one point I realized that concepts were better taught using paper and pencil. I don't know if I would have done that before this class. I probably would of used the technology and then get frustrated because the student didn't understand the concept. Because of that "AH" moment I have started to think about some of the technologys that I use to teach a concept and asking myself, "Does the technology help teach the concept, or is it making things worse?".

  2. Learn strategies and tools to take my assessments from Augmentation to more of a Modification or even Redefinition

    I have learned several tools to help me break the "Quiz in Canvas" mold. Like using Answer Gardent or Padlet for a muddy-point prompet. I had the realization that assessments don't need to be quiz like, (which I learned as an undergrade but forgot about) that they can be a real quick "what have you learned?" type of question. Most of these websites are blocked at my district but I am going to try this year to get them opened up to students.

  3. Because I teach technology courses I use the flipped classroom model in most of my classes. I mainly use Canvas to do this with the help of Storyline 3 and SCORM. However, I know there are more tools out there that can help me teach my students the information they need.

    Oh I have learned so many tools! I cannot wait to try them in my classroom come August. I have planned to flip two new class that I am teaching in August and using tools like EDPuzzle, Quizizz, Quizlet etc.d to help me break way from the Storyline and Canvas delivered models. I know with these tools and a little time I can really change my flipped lessons for my courses. :)

  4. I am good at using technology in my teaching, but I feel like I could do a lot more then what I am doing now. I want to develop the skills and knowledge of other tools I can use in my classes.

    From my other three goal reflections you can see I learned alot. I thought I knew alot about technology tools I could be using in my classroom, but in reality I only knew three or four. My mind is swimming with all the tools I now know about and trying to figure how I can use these in my classroom. I love that I found a place to make site maps and flowcarts that are easy for my students to complete. New ways to deliver my flipped lesson to may students and ways to do assessments that are fun but still give me feedback. I loved this class and have learned a ton on how to design lessons that will use technology as a tool not just the main subject.