Project 1: 3D Printing

I chose to do my Project 1 on 3D printing technology with the thought of having it part of my Exploring Computer Science II class. Starting out wit this project I had no experince with 3D printing, other then watching something print on a TV show. Throught this projectI learned about the 3D printers themself, Slicing and 3D Modeling software that work witht he printers. The image on the right is the tokin that I designed during this project using

Below is my reflection of this project:

  1. What did you have to learn to complete this project? How did you learn it?

    I learned a ton from this project! This being the first time that I have ever done a 3D printing project on my own from start to finish I had to learn everything that is relates to this technology. I started out by watching videos from YouTube about the model of print we had. From the videos I learn about how the printer somewhat worked and some of the steps needs to have a successful print. After the video went into the 3D modeling software, I started to explore Tinkercad. I have used other 3D modeling programs in the past, they were not easy, so I was very nervious of the skills that could be need to design someting simple to print. However, after being in the program for a short time, I found that that Tinkercad was very simple to use; which got me excited to design something for my first print. The best way I learn a new technology is to play around and push buttons to see what happens. I did have some struggles but overall I learned a ton about 3D printing and how it could be used for an intro to technology or engineering course.

  2. How did you benefit from creating this project? What were your successes?

    This project taught me the skills I needed to do a very basic print. I don't think I am anywhere close to doing some several hour print, but they got me though my first print. I know I am not comfortable enough to really teach this technology to students, but I do feel more comfortable going back and messing around with design and then printing. The designing was actully harder then the printing.... If I had not used Tinkercad I don't think I would have been able to print the little tokin I did, mainly because of the designing. Tinkercad was very easy and straight forward. It only took me a short amount of time pick up the basic skills from pushing buttons. I feel like my student could learn Tinkercad very fast and design something with very little skills and time. However, the biggest success was I ACTUCLY PRINTED SOMETHING! (Even if it is smaller then a quarter!)

  3. What did you struggle with when creating this project? How did you resolve it?

    I had several struggles with this project mainly with the printer, but also some of the designing as well. With the printer, I struggled with the following: First, my deck would not level out, it took me about 20 mintues to level my desk out so that I could print. Second, after I finaly got my desk to level I tried to connect my computer to the printer so I could print my tokin, this didn't go so well at all! Several things made it hard to get my computer connceted to the printer. The printers run on older verson of software then I had on my computer. It took some time to find the currect verson that would allow my computer to talk to the printer. After all software problems I thought it would be clearn sailing. I was really wrong! Even with the correct software I still couldn't get my computer to talk to the printer (it didn't work for Dr. Cox either, so not just my problem).

    I am not sure what the problem was but my comptuer and the printer wouldn't talk to each other at all. After messing with it for 30 mintues, I determed that I would just us a Micro:SD card to print my tokin. The must frastrating stuggle was after I went though all of that, my printer would not print! It would move around like it was printing but the filiment would not extrude from the printer. It really frustrating,However, Dr. Cox let me print my tokin on her printer; THANKS DR. COX! With the design the biggest struggle I had was knowing how my model would print. As you can see from the image above, it printed but it was so small and raft that the fine details are missing.

  4. What are your plans for implementing this in your classroom?

    Inleast I get a grant, I don't think I will implement this into my class. I think it's really awesome technology that could be used in CTE Intro course or a manufactuing course, etc... But for computer science I don't see how it relates. I could use it in my ECS2 class for their robotic design project but will need some money for that.

  5. What are your next steps with regard to the essential skill addressed in this project?

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