Project 2: Design Process

I chose to do my Project 2 on the design process which I plan on teaching in all course I teach. I orginally started out making this lesson for UVU's PREP Computer Science course, however, after learning more about the design process I have found that this topic needs to be covered in all coruse I teach at Springville High School. This lesson is design to use inquriy-based learning for student to explore the design process and in a way make it thier own. For resourse to teach this lesson click here.

Below is my reflection of this project:

  1. What did you have to learn to complete this project? How did you learn it?

    I learned about the design process in more depth. I had read about it but didn't truly understand it well enought to explain it to someone else. I then took that knowledge that I had gathered and build the lesson around it. The way I abtained the knowledge was from researching on the great internet. I also found that you cannot do the marshmallow challenge on your own, you need at least two people... Stupid tape!

  2. How did you benefit from creating this project? What were your successes?

    There are a couple of ways I benefited from this project. The biggest benefit is I now have one less lesson to build for PREP! But in all honesty I can use this lesson in every class I teach and I have started to figure out what day's I will use it for next year. I feel like this is topic that everyone should learn in their life, I honestly think student should be learning it younger then high school (maybe I need to teach at a JR high, wait what am I saying...). I don't kow what my sucessess were with this lesson, but when I teach it on June 5th I will be sure to let you know.

  3. What did you struggle with when creating this project? How did you resolve it?

    The thing I struggled the must with this project was that my stupid internet kept going in an out during research so it took me a lot longer to reserach about the design processes. I also had a hard time with the marshmallow challenge, but after trying it for myself (that was an epic fail, btw) I understood what the challenge was meant to do. I also struggled making my exmaple inforgraphic, I had a hard time tring to come up with my own ideas. The image on the right is my example for the student to look at.

    After teaching this lesson in PREP I found that my idea of how long this activity would take was not correct. This was a struggle because I wanted student to do their infographic with me in class so I could guide them. Instead they had to do it at home was a little confuessed on what an infographic was.

  4. What are your plans for implementing this in your classroom?

    I am planning on teaching this in all my classes except Biz Office Spec... That poor class gets nothing fun! I think I will need to change some things up, like having classes do different challenges and maybe build their infographics using an online builder like smores or cavas.

  5. What are your next steps with regard to the essential skill addressed in this project?

    Student will be using these skills for the rest of their lifes, not just in my classroom (whether they believe that or not). I feel like the next step for the next step for the design process is to allow the student practice thses skills throughout the course. By allowing them to design, brainstorm, and build prototypes for the project we will work on. Because I plan to teach this lesson in ever class, one class will by building websites, one will be building cool scratch games, one will be building robots, and one class will be doing robots and games. But the same idea applies to all these courses, have student use the design process for all their projects.