Project 3: Web Development Collaboration Website Design Challenge

My Project 3 was done for my Web Development class foucing on the website design. I tried to do something simular to this in my class this past school year and it was a total failure. This is something my student need to learn to be successful in web development. I think this project has a good balance of technology tools and non-technology tools. For resourse to teach this lesson click here.

Below is my reflection of this project:

  1. What did you have to learn to complete this project? How did you learn it?

    For this project I planned to use several technologys that I had never used before, so I had to play with those. Once I started to get to know them I found that I REALLY like lucidchart (over poplet) for site mapping. Through play with the technologies I found that sometimes the old school ways (pen and paper) is a better way to layout a website then trying to use some fancy technology drawing tool.

  2. How did you benefit from creating this project? What were your successes?

    I maily benefit from this project because it required me to rethink something I had tried in the past and failed terrible at it. Reflecting on the past project I could see problems with the way it was designed, the way assignments where being submitted and overal expectations for the assignment. I am really excited to go back to my classroom and teach this project. There are several holes that I will need to fill in with either a flipped lesson or classroom activity or discussion, but those will be addressed don't worry about that! (probably like the day before its taught, but meh...)

  3. What did you struggle with when creating this project? How did you resolve it?

    I struggled with knowing when to use technology and when not to use technology... I wanted to really have the student use some sort of technology tool to build their wireframes, but after thinking about it, it was just not going to be effective. I struggle with the aspect of when to teach with technology and when not because of the subject I teach. Web Development is a course that uses a ton of technology and sometimes the technology gets in the way of the actual learning, and that happened in this project. I really wanted to use Sketchboard for the project wireframe part, but after playing with Sketchboard I found it was just not the right tool for the job. Actually the right tool for the job was having them use good old pen and paper.

  4. What are your plans for implementing this in your classroom?

    This project is for my Wed Development course in term 1 (I think thats where I will teach it). It will replace the other failed assignment from this year. Really excited to teach this project. Like I said above I will need to create several more supporting materials but the bones are there.

  5. What are your next steps with regard to the essential skill addressed in this project?

    This project covers the Creative Communicator standard from ISTE's Student objectives. Student use several different digital tools that helped them make a orginal site design for a website of their choosing. These tools that they used in this project will be used over and over again throughout this course. I hope that throughout this course students will be able to take the skills learned from this project and apply it to other projects that will be completed throughout this course. They will have to build several orginal website designs for this course.