Project 4: FInal Project: Senior Trip

For my Project 4 I decided to do a project for my Biz Office Specialist. This class, in my option, is hard to be creative with it's teaching. I am not saying its impossiable, but it definenly harder then some other classes I teach. For this project student will get $5,000 for a senior trip, however, there is a catch... They have to present their trip proposal to the adult how is funding the trip. For resourse to teach this lesson click here.

Below is my reflection of this project:

  1. What did you have to learn to complete this project? How did you learn it?

    For this project I didn't have a ton I had to learn, more resourse I needed to collect. In order to build the list of travel websites, I had to do research on differnt travel websites. I know about the big major sites but some of the others on the list I had no clue about. So when I found them I really looked through them and what makes them different from the main ones. I am not sure what websites will be blocked and unblocked on the school's firewall but thats why I have so many of them.

  2. How did you benefit from creating this project? What were your successes?

    I benefited from this project because this will be the final project for my Biz Office Specialist course. This project will allow my student to see how what they have been learning can relate to their real life. Now I hope to be able to get this accross before the last month of the course, but if I don't then this project should wrap it up. This project also fills the preformance standards from the state.

  3. What did you struggle with when creating this project? How did you resolve it?

    Oh the struggles I had for this project where because of the student example I tried to build. The first struggle was, where would I want to go... Once I finally desdided what I wanted to do, then I had to research about my trip, which I picked something that took a lot of research and time. I learned however how long this project could really take if a student takes their time and makes something awesome. It took me about 6 hours to do this project and I am still working on the poster. From my example I think I will change some of the instruction to be like "Find a templete from Office.coma and make it work your poster" etc.

  4. What are your plans for implementing this in your classroom?

    This project was design to be the final assessment for my Biz Office Specialist course. I am going to make some changes for this project to reflect some of the stuggles I had with my example. I feel like this project will work great and students will love it, I am worried that it could take a great deal of time or students will not take it seriously. I do will need to make the three rubrics for the project in Canvas and a presentation rubric for the adult who will be watching the presentations.

  5. What are your next steps with regard to the essential skill addressed in this project?

    I feel like this course is one of those course that we foucs so much on the products we forget we need to teach student how to use them to solve a problem. I feel like computeral thinking belongs throughout this course some how. I am not sure what my next step will be to bring this skill into this course. But maybe if I bring in more problem solving project or project that foucs on the 4 terms of computeral thinking. I do see the need for it in this course, I am just not sure how to do it, because this course foucs SO much on the overall product and less on the soft skills.