Project 5: Web Development - Digital Portfolio

Last year I started teaching a Web Development and loved it, but there is a lot of things I want to change. So for project 5 I wanted to foucs on the final project for this course. I decided to do a digital portfolio for that can display my stuents projects they have completed during this class. I decided that to break this project up into different parts, the number of parts I am not sure yet, but this project will have at least 5 parts. For resourse to teach this lesson click here.

Below is my reflection of this project:

  1. What did you have to learn to complete this project? How did you learn it?

    From this project I learned I really have no clue what is going on with my Web Development course. Last year when I taught the course I jumped around and tried the CE course resourses, the state resourses, and HTML website resourses. So now that I am trying to build a better final project, I am finding that I really don't know what prjects are what. So in a around about way what I need to learn was WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING WITH THIS CLASS NEXT YEAR!!! This was hard for me to learn LOL, because I have to dig into my brain and think about what I want for this course. I still don't sure if I learned anything from digging into my brain, but I took the book that UVU CE has us use and planned the parts around it.

  2. How did you benefit from creating this project? What were your successes?

    I benefited from this project because this will be one of the final project for my Web Development course. But I really don't benefit, more my students will be the ones that benefit. The purpose of a this project is to showcase my student's progression throughout my class. They will recognize strengths and weaknesses by setting goals and evaluating their results for each project that we complete. They will need to learn organizational skills by creating and updating their portfolio. Upon completion, they will have a collection of website samples, thoughts, and reflections. The main way to have students do this is so student can share what you are learning and experiencing in the course with friends, family, and future employers. This project will allow my student to see how something they will need if they want to go into web development and I hope that they can realate this to their real life.

  3. What did you struggle with when creating this project? How did you resolve it?

    I stuggled with this project overall, I have spend days since thinking what I wanted this project to look like. Then when I started to draft the project I realized I don't know what I want to change for next yaer for this class that would effect this project. This project made me really think deeply about my wed development course and what I want it to look like next year and the order which I want to teach the concepts. By making me think deeply about the course I was better able to create this project. I don't have the names or the other project drafted by I have an idea which way I want to go with them.

  4. What are your plans for implementing this in your classroom?

    This project was design to be the final project, project 10, for my Web Development course. I believe this project will benefit my student by giving them work sample that they can use after the course. I am not sure how long this project will take for my students to do, I hope this will only take my student half a class period, but I could be really under balling that guess. Another fear I have with this project is that student will find it unrelatiable to and therefore make it a busy work aassignment, which its not.

  5. What are your next steps with regard to the essential skill addressed in this project?

    This is something new that I have never tried before with a class. Throughout the building of this project I can see what it's important for student to have a say in their learning. By allowing my student to set learning goals and then work to accomplish these goals student, I hope, will be movtivated to learn. I would really like to bring this skill into the my photoshop lessons, set a goal of something you want to lean with photoshop and then have student take ownership for thier own leanring and teach themselves how to complete it. That would be my ideal next step for this skill and course.