ECS Resourses

Below are the resourse I use in my classroom.

MIT's Scratch

Scratch is a online blocky coding interface where student can learn the fundamentals of coding and have fun doing it. I like Scratch because it allows my students to be able to master the basics of coding without the worry of importing in programming language libraries or errors that may accore during programming. I also preferror Scratch to other blocky based coding plateforms because students can save their work online and have to ablilty to then work on project from home without any software.

CS Unplugged Lessons

I love teaching Unplugged lessons with my students. THey teach computer concepts without using the computer, which sometimes you need to do. There are main different unplugged lessons but most of them come from CS Unplugged from University of Canterbury in New Zealand and it has now spread all over the world.

CS Unplugged YoutTube Videos

One of the hardest things for me when I started teaching ECS was understanding how the Unplugged lessons worked. I struggled tell I found examples of the lessons on YouTube. If you need help understanding an unplugged lesson or looking for unplugged lessons to teach, check out YouTube it has all kinds of resourses

Binary Flash Cards

This is a great resourse for ECS when teaching student Bianry. I have student work with this website from home to review the concepts we learned during class. I like this website because it will show the students what they number is right off the bat, so they don't have to get frustrated trying to figure it out. I am not saying this is a replacement for teaching binary, but it is a great refresher.

Penjee Binary Numbers Game

This is another great resourse to help student with Bianry, they love it. I like it becuase it makes them think through binary and how to count with it. Bewarned: You will get sucked into it.

OK these are really cool videos that use song to teach computer science concepts. The students really respond to them because the songs are pretty awesome. The following are videos that I have used in my class:

Playing Card Sort Algorithms

I use real playing cards when I teach this, but I review this to make sure I get it right. :)