Educational Technology Resourses

Below are the resourse I use in my classroom.


I know that Kahoot is a bandwagon in classrooms right now, but my students love it. Kahoot is a in-class assessment tool to check for student understanding of a topic. Kahoot lets students complete individually or as a team. It can create a friendly competition in the classroom. I use Kahoot as a review game to A) keep students engaged in class and B) what my student know/remember.


To be honest I have never used this... But with TodaysMeet shutdown I am going to use this in my classroom this coming school year. Mentimeter gives students a voice in the classroom, by allowing them to answer without having to speaking in class. But it also lets the class to be more interatice then just standing up infort of the class speaking.

Answer Garden

Answer Garden allows studnet to answer questions and then allows student to see what other students have said in the class in a fun plateform. I use this with my flipped lessons to see student thoughts and understanding of a given topic.


Padlet is simular to Answer Garden. Students can answer questions or discuessions that can assess student understanding and learning. I again use this with my flipped lessons. I like Padlet more then Answer Garden but it is currently blocked by my district.


When I was review technology this one really stood out. EDPuzzle allows to take a video and create an active assessment. The video will pause and have students complete an assessment about what they just watched. I plan on using this with videos that I have student watch in web development course in my flipped lessons.


Quizlet is a great resourse to help students master vocabulary for a given subject. Quizlet lets student choose how they want to learn by allowing them to learn from flashcards, being able to write, spell, match, or play a game called Gravity. I like this it because it gives student a choice on how they want to study. I used this in my business classes but plan on using it for my web development course.


Remind is a communication system that allows stuent to recieve text message reminders. I use this for all my courses and the clubs I use. I like it because it allows me send text reminder to my stuents without exchanging phone numbers.


Canva is a online infographic builder website. This website is easy to use and allows student to download their final product unlike other websites.


Soctrative is another inclass assessment game website but unlike Kahoot! student are allowed to work on their own pace. I have only used this acouple of time becuase my students would rather do Kahoots... But I like it because students don't have to feel pressured to answer the question with in the time framie that Kahoot makes them.